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What is investment Portfolio and how do we build a Great and long term ONE

As the question shows an investment portfolios don't have to necessarily be difficult to understand. You can start simple by using funds or even asking an expert advisor on ways to start building a effective portfolio. Like anything, investing in a portfolio is like learning or speaking a new language. Investment is basically the some total of your invested assents and the portfolio is the data to manage. When creating an investment portfolio consider all the options as the risk involvement you are willing to handle. This risk is your ability to take investment losses in exchange for the high earn rewards you will receive upon your investing. One of the key areas of focus when investing is studying the market. Study to understand when the market will go up or when the market will go down in the hoe. Once you are willing to focus. You are willing to take on the challenges of investing. Focus on the upward progression of the market and you will do just fine in the stock market.  These are the best options when investing that any focus individual should implement in their investment processing. 1. Stocks having a slice of ownership in a company. 2. Bonds which are loans to companies or government agency that needs to get paid back with added interest or percentages. 3. Mutual funds which have different categories. For instance, mutual funds allow you to add diversification to your portfolio and also allow allows you to invest in basket of securities in investment.




Samuel Zulu once said “The single greatest investment you will ever make is that of investing in yourself .”  
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